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Where Do They Get the Name Crunchbase?

23Look, I get it…but, actually I don’t. There’s a service my wife uses in her analytics job (she oversees a team that researches and writes reports on various sociological aspects of the economy – you know, trying to quantify what is nearly unquantifiable) called Crunchbase, a name from which I, old dumb ex-jock that I am, always receive a conjured image of a huge set of teeth gnashing a baseball base. On my meds, promise.

It’s a funny name. Another service she uses is Funderbeam. That conjures no image at all. Even forcing an image out of that moniker gives something making no sense – not like chewing on third base.

Crunchbase is actually the dominant service for what it does so it’s likely fairly good at it. What it does is focus on connecting venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and existing corporations with each other, connecting people and companies for the potential gain of open enterprise. has hard news (presented in a lightly written way, like, profiles of executives (like this one of Barry Beck) and investors (, plus news of acquisitions (like–a0ec2532) and quite a bit more I’m sure Samantha knows about but is above my paygrade.

But what’s in that name?

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